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Chakrasila Green Tea

Basundhara Green Tea

Sip on the perfect blend of health and taste with our range of organic green tea. This range of tea is unique in itself as it is smoother than the rest of our teas and is purity personified.

Why Basundhara Green Tea?

Fresh and pure from the roots to its soul, our Basundhara organic green tea is known for its mild flavours and for its taste to remember. It is a drinking experience you would fall for.

Basundhara Green Tea

Going Organic with Pure Cotton Teabags

Our community of organic tea growers are committed to delivering the best of organic green tea for you. And we make sure the tender green tea leaves are steamed right, hand-rolled perfectly and packed best to preserve and protect what makes our tea a healthy drink.

Basundhara Green Tea

Sealed with Goodness & Purity

Your daily cup of tea is protected against heat, light, moisture and oxygen with our triple lamination layers and nitrogen-flushing technology. So that wherever you are, you get the best tea you deserve.

Basundhara Green Tea

About our gardens

Sourced fresh from the organic tea gardens of Dhekiajuli, Assam, where tea growing is more than just a profession.

Basundhara Green Tea

What's In the Box?

This box contains all the things you desire or wish for

  1. 15 teabags of organic Green tea
  2. Garden information leaflet

Basundhara Green Tea
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