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Chakrasila Green Tea

Chakrasila Black Tea

All the goodness of organic black tea packed in our 100% pure cotton teabags is all you need to start your day right. This range of highly-oxidised tea by is aimed at promoting and exposing the tea drinkers around the world to the taste of true tea.

Why Chakrasila Black Tea?

Get all the goodness of orthodox organic tea in every sip. Picked and sorted manually, we ensure that only the best leaves make it to your cup.

Chakrasila Black Tea

Going Organic with Pure Cotton Teabags

To make sure you feel the unique taste of our teas, we have distanced ourselves from anything that is inorganic. And using the organic cotton tea bags is just another way of proving that we care.

Chakrasila Black Tea

Sealed with Goodness & Purity

All the goodness of tea is only as good as it lasts. And with our nitrogen flushing technology & triple-layered lamination, we protect and seal your tea from light, heat, humidity & oxygen.

Chakrasila Black Tea

About our gardens

Your tea comes from the organic gardens located in Kokrajhar, Assam surrounded by a virgin forested land. This unique location of the garden gives our tea a taste you will wish for more.

Chakrasila Black Tea

What's In the Box?

This box contains all the things you desire or wish for

  1. 15 teabags of organic Black tea
  2. Garden information leaflet

Chakrasila Black Tea
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