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Chakrasila Green Tea

Chakrasila Green Tea

Sip on the best of our organic green tea sourced from the lush gardens in Kokrajhar, Assam. The goodness of anti-oxidants, handpicked, organically steamed and hand-rolled - all sealed in with our promise of purity.

Why Chakrasila Green Tea?

Give yourself the healthy treat it deserves. With essential traits to fight stress, anxiety and heart diseases along with anti-carcinogens, organic green tea is a modern-day elixir.

Chakrasila Green Tea

Going Organic with Pure Cotton Teabags

To add to the goodness of our green tea, we have packed the leaves in 100% pure organic cotton tea bags. This ensures that every sip of tea you take is a sip of health and well-being.

Chakrasila Green Tea

Sealed with Goodness & Purity

And we do not just stop at that, packed within 48 hours of being sourced, the tea bags are nitrogen flushed and further sealed in packets with triple lamination layers. After all, it is about going the extra mile for a sip of well-being.

Chakrasila Green Tea

About our gardens

Located just 6 kilometres away from the town of Kokrajhar, Chakrasila tea gardens are named after the wildlife sanctuary which surrounds it. Its close proximity to this natural abode acts as a filter that protects the gardens from contamination.

Chakrasila Green Tea

What's In the Box?

This box contains all the things you desire or wish for:

  • 15 teabags of organic Green tea
  • Garden information leaflet

Chakrasila Green Tea
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